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The Original – 6 inches
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The Latex – 7 inches
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The Plus – 8 inches
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Mattress Protector
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The Baby Mattress
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SleepyCat Pillow
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Smart Base
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SleepyCat Mattress – India’s Best Mattress Brand

Let's Add Up

For the ones who stay awake so we can sleep soundly.

To Celebrate Independence Day, ₹100 will be donated to the Army Wives Welfare Association (AWWA) for every SleepyCat Mattress purchased between 1st to 14th August.

It's the little things we do, but it all adds up!

Snoozin' Made Hassle-free!

As India's first mattress-in-a-box, SleepyCat is a sleep solutions brand bringing to you high quality, innovative sleep products at direct from factory prices! Your honest, luxurious and reliable sleep brand, making shopping for these products ridiculously fun and easy!

Save Upto 75%
30 nights Free Trial
10 years warranty
Free Shipping
Giving Back

SleepyCat Plus


SleepyCat Pillow



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A Well Slept You Is A Purr-fect You!

A Note from the SleepyCat team
Dear Sleep Patron, Thank you for taking the time to invest in good sleep! If you've made it till here, we can assure you that it only gets better now. We know when you search for "buy mattress online" you are bombarded with multiple choices or different mattresses online and you don't even have a clue which would suit you the best. Which is why we've done the research for you and engineered our mattresses and other products to be built with only the required material to provide essential support and aid your sleep. We have mattress options like our Orthopediaec memory foam mattress and Latex mattress that are made to cater to different sleeping requirements. SleepyCat also provides memory foam pillows, Waterproof mattress protectors, Easy to set up bed base, and a comfy baby mattress for the little ones in the family. SeepyCat is a complete online mattress brand and you'll find it easy to buy memory foam mattresses online along with our other products. We have a team that is always ready to help and guide you on this journey. There's nothing more important to us than your sleep because A Well Slept You Is A Purr-Fect You! Caring for your sleep, always - Team SleepyCat
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