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Mattress in Bangalore


Buying the purrfect mattresses in Bangalore

Bangalore is India’s own Silicon Valley. This startup hub has attracted students and professionals from across the city. And what could be more precious to these people other than becoming the next Zuckerberg of the world? Sleep! 

But finding the right mattress is not as easy as it sounds. For residents alike, buying a mattress in Bangalore can be a daunting task. You can find hundreds of stores cramped next to each and still not be able to find the right mattress. If you decide to purchase through local stores, they might sell you a mattress with different types of layers made from unnecessary material and charge you a fortune on it as well. On the other hand, with just a little bit of research, you can find that there are so many options to buy a mattress online in Bangalore. That’s where SleepyCat steps in! We’ve made buying a mattress online as easy as cake. Just choose from the type of mattress you want – Gel Memory Foam or 7-Zone Latex mattress. Select the desired size and check out! Voila! Ordering a mattress online is that simple and easy! SleepyCat mattresses also come with a convenient 30-nights free trial policy and a 10-year warranty.  Sleepy does not have any middle men or retailers that have their cut. These mattresses are shipped directly to customers at factory costs and with zero shipping charges. They also have one day delivery in Bangalore for customers which means they don’t have to wait for days for that purr-fect sleep

So, if you’re in this lovely city and are looking to buying a mattress online. you know the purr-fect mattress brand to order from

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